Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Self Critique

Im pretty happy with how this final piece turned out. We decided to start with a smooth opening and give a little background on the family. The piece is shorter than I expected it to come out to be, but I think the cuts made were well thought out for the direction that we were taking this piece. There are a few changes I would make if I had more time to work on the piece. There were a lot of interesting points and stories that we heard during the interviews and I would love to lengthen this piece to fit those things in. We also were not able to interview the PA Mrs. Dorothy on camera. I know she has a lot of good insight on the family and I really think she could have been a good addition to this piece in giving a different angle to how the family is viewed.
I learned a lot about this family. They really helped me to understand the dynamics of a family that cares for a special needs individual. The piece is still going in initial direction that we were aiming to take the piece, but we made some cuts so that other things would not cloud the intent of the piece. I hope you like it!

Final Project

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Self Critiue

I'm pretty happy with the overall outcome of this piece. A lot of work went into this piece and it's different from where I started. This was a good learning project for me. Now that I know more I know that I can do much greater things with the next. Much more work with the audio had to be done. In addition to that, I cut out more of the piece and tightened more of the shots. My slides are simple, but I took the class' advice with putting the names at the end. For my menu, I personally think its cute, but small changes were made. There are still some small technical kinks that have be a bit confused but for the most part I have a better understanding of how to work with the programs.

The Monfort Home

The Monfort Family

Mrs. Dorothy





Final Pitch

Project Description
The Monfort Family has their share of challenges; but even though they care for a handicap daughter, the Monforts are like any other family: dysfunctional, yet loving.

Explanation of Theme and Intent
We want to share the personal story of the Monfort family. Our focus is not so much on Leann and her condition, but more so the family situation and how they have dealt with the many challenges in their lives stemming from Leann's handicap. Like so many families, they have their share setbacks and issues. We want our audience to see this family not as burdened, but as just another family. There are better and worse family conditions to have; but patience, work, and love drive this one.

Act I
The Intro
Interviews: Louanne Monfort (Mother) with Jimmy Monfort (Father)
(Medium Bust shot)
1. Tell me about Leanne’s birth.
2. When did you notice Leann was having problems?
3. What did the doctors say about Leann’s condition?
4. How did you react?
5. Explain how Leann was permanently affected.
6. What changes did your family have to make?
B Roll - Video: the Monfort’s morning
Interactions of Louanne and Jimmy with Leann
Photos: Leann’s birth, surgeries, young photos

Act II-
Louanne Monfort with Jimmy Monfort (Medium Bust shot)
7. What influenced you to have more children?
8. How did your families react to the fact that you wanted more children
9. What impact has your situation had on your realationship?
10. What other situations impacted your relationship
11. How do you think your other children have been affected by your family’s situation?
12. What are your experiences with how strangers react to your family?
13. How did you learn to deal with strangers’ reactions?
14. What other stressors do you have? (finances, time management)
15. What made you decide to keep Leann at home?
16. What were the outside reactions to your decision to keep Leann at home?
17. How does your family spend the holidays?
Kevin Monfort (youngest son) (Medium Bust Shot)
18. What was it like growing up with a handicap sister?
19. How do you feel you are different from other familes?
20. How do your friends react when you introduce them to your family?
21. Tell me about some of the positive experiences you’ve had.
22. Tell me about some of the negative experiences you’ve had.
23. How do you feel your family situation has affected your life?
24. How do you feel your family situation has affected your way of thinking?
Mrs. Dorothy (PA) (Medium Bust Shot)
25. Tell me about the family life you’ve observed within the Monfort home.
26. What is your role in the Monfort home?
B Roll – Video- Normal day-to-day activities
- Mrs. Dorothy taking care of Leanne
- Photos- Monfort children growing up

Mrs. Dorothy
27. How do the Monforts compare to other families you have assisted?
Louanne, Kevin, and Jimmy
27. How do you feel you are similar to other families?
28. What are your plans for Leann’s future care?
29. Where do you think your family will be twenty years from now?
30. How do you feel your family's way of life has shaped your way thinking?
B Roll - Video- The family's normal activities
- Ending a day with Leann

Production Design Statement
We feel our B Roll and specific line of questioning will steer the understanding of the Monfort family's situation. B Roll will pertain to the questions being answered and will also show how life is lived in the Monfort home.